• What is BANHS?
    BANHS was established to create standards of competency and a code of ethics within the Natural Health Sciences industry. BANHS supports integrative practitioners by encouraging compliant communication and scientific collaboration.
  • What is the purpose of certification?
    To ensure the consistency and quality of education and training with respect to a field of practice and the level attained.
  • What are the advantages of certification?
    Certification assures the public that Natural Health Science practitioners have fulfilled standardized educational requirements. Members of BANHS are recognized with various designations based on their field(s) and level(s) of certification attained. Being certified allows members of BANHS to obtain professional liability insurance.
  • Who is required to be certified?
    All Academy instructors and trainers are required to be certified. It is strongly suggested that all practitioners become certified, as well as obtaining professional insurance.
  • How do I become certified?
    Once you have completed a course of study at one of our recognized Academies, you can submit an application for certification at the BANHS website. BANHS Certification
  • Once I am certified, do I have to do anything else?
    YES! In order to maintain your certification, you are required to complete 20 hours of continuing education each year and renew your certification annually. 10 CEUs must be in your certified area of expertise. The other 10 CEUs can be in any natural health science.