Academy Application Information

We appreciate your interest in taking your academy to the next level by making your graduates eligible for BANHS certification!

To conduct our review, we will need the following information:

  • Organization Information - Name, Address, Phone
  • Contact Information - Name, Cell Phone, Email
  • Website
  • For each certification (course)
    • Name of certification, e.g., Light Therapist
    • Designation, e.g., Certified Light Therapist (CLT)
    • Pre-requisites, e.g., a course which must be taken prior to this one
    • Complete Curriculum

Additional BANHS Requirements:

  • All courses must have an exam
  • Each graduate must receive a course completion certificate
  • All Instructors must be BANHS certified instructors
  • All Graduates must complete and sign the PROFESSIONAL ETHICS & INFORMED CONSENT documents, which your organization must keep on file.
  • All Graduates should be encouraged to apply for BANHS certification. In addition to professional credibility, BANHS certified practioners can obtain professional liability insurance, gain access to legal templates and our practioner directory.
  • Your website will need to have information about BANHS certification (we will provide you with this information and logo)

Please email the information to

Once we receive this information, our Board of Directors can conduct a review of your organization to determine if we can qualify your graduates for BANHS certification, or if additional information/content is required. The process takes approximately 4 weeks and you will be notified by email.

Currently, there is no fee for an Academy to apply.